IC Nexus NXC2620 Embedded DVK4.0 Development Kit

The NXC2620 Embedded DVK4.0 (Emb_DVK40) is a development kit from IC Nexus. The Emb_DVK40 features a NXC2620 CPU Card, a baseboard, a USB1.1 hub card, and a TFT color LCD display. The NXC2620 CPU Card is a 32-bit System on Module (SoM). It is based on the IC Nexus NXC2620 32-bit RISC processor (336 MHz, 128 MB SDRAM, 1 Gbit NAND flash). The included TFT screen is a 4.3-inch TFT color LCD module at 480×272 resolutions and 4-wire resistive touch screen. 5.7-inch (640×480) and 7-inch (800×480) optional LCD sizes are also available.

IC Nexus NXC2620 Embedded DVK4.0 (Emb_DVK40) development kit

The Emb_DVK40 is pre-installed with either Windows CE 6.0 or Linux 2.6 OS for instant evaluation. The full sets of Windows CE 6.0 and Linux 2.6 BSP are provided to customers for application development with no extra charge. The NXC2620 Embedded DVK4.0 is a flexible, high performance, and inexpensive development kit. It is for general embedded applications such as navigation devices, home automation, and data acquisition.

The NXC2620 CPU Card offers native support for 24 bit LCD, USB 1.1 host/slave, RS232, Ethernet, SDHC/MMC, and AC97. Two types of CPU Cards are available: (1) PB260A card (NXC2620 CPU) and (2) PB502A card (NXC2620 CPU and a GPU for high resolution video display up to 1280×1024).

The NXC2620 CPU Card is designed to plug into a carrier board that contains all the connectors and any custom I/O required for general embedded applications. Engineers can design a custom carrier board that meets their I/O, dimensional, and connector requirements. Or they can purchase an off-the-shelf board from IC Nexus.

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