WinSystems EBC-Z8510-G Single Board Computer

WinSystems launched the EBC-Z8510-G single board computer (SBC). The EBC-Z8510-G SBC is powered by an Intel 1.1GHz Atom processor. The EBC-Z8510-G supports the new SUMIT-ISM (Stackable Unified Modular Interconnect Technology – Industry Standard Module) I/O expansion standard plus COMIT (Computer On Module Interconnect Technology) defined by the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG). The single board computer measures 203mm x 147mm (8.5″ x 5.75″).

WinSystems EBC-Z8510-G single board computer (SBC)

The EBC-Z530-G is a full-featured single board computer with an array of on-board peripherals plus even more expansion options. It is based on either Intel’s 1.1GHz Atom or 1.6GHz Atom and the SCH-US15W Systems Controller Hub with 512MB or 1GB DDR2 systems memory. The EBC-Z510-G’s I/O interface features two Gigabit Ethernet ports; CRT and LVDS flat panel video, a MiniPCIe card interface for a wireless networking module, four USB 2.0 ports, four serial COM ports, HD audio, PATA controller for both a CompactFlash and hard disk, 48 lines of digital I/O, LPT, and a PS/2 port for keyboard and mouse. Additional I/O module expansion is supported with two SUMIT and legacy PC/104 connectors. This RoHS-compliant board operates over an industrial temperature range of -40° to +70°Celsius for processor- and I/O-intensive applications in harsh and demanding environments.

The SUMIT-ISM and COMIT standards define a forward looking, future path to support the new low power and ultra-mobile processors and their high-speed, serial I/O buses. This advancement in board-level architecture features easy connectivity and legacy I/O migration. With a blend of high-bandwidth PCI Express (PCIe) lanes, USB ports, and lower speed multiplexed and serial buses, SUMIT and COMIT can be added to a variety of board form factors, and is flexible and compact enough to meet a very broad range of application requirements.

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