Free Micrium Real-time Kernel, Discounted Middleware for SH7216 MCU

Renesas Technology America and Micrium announced a special discount program that allows customers buying the Renesas SH7216 SuperH microcontroller to obtain a free, single-product license for the Micrium real-time kernel. Under the limited-time program, customers can also purchase middleware components at a 50% discount. The joint program enables system engineers to quickly apply the power and functionality of the 100/200MHz, 32-bit RISC MCU in building/home automation and industrial motor control applications. The synergistic hardware/software combination enables customers to focus on the value-added features that differentiate successful electronic products.

The SH7216 has up to 1MB of on-chip flash memory with 128KB SRAM, operates at 100 and 200MHz, incorporates an FPU, and achieves up to 400 DMIPS performance when executing out of the embedded flash memory. The 32-bit superscalar microcontroller provides a broad range of Ethernet, USB and CAN communication capabilities. In addition, the chip integrates many optimized peripherals, including the functions needed for advanced motor control applications in AC servos, factory automation equipment and general-purpose inverters. A built-in 32KB data flash memory with background operation eliminates the need for external EEPROMs.

Micrium’s real-time kernels are compact, portable designs used in thousands of products, including safety-critical systems. Scalable and ROM-able, they support most MISRA-C rules, are third-party certified and ensure that run-time is guaranteed for OS tasks. The µC/TCP-IP, µC/USB Device, µC/File System, and µC/CAN middleware products that Micrium offers conform to applicable standards, are highly reliable, and put the processing power of the SH7216 chip to work with high efficiency.

More info: Renesas Technology | Micrium