Radiocrafts RC1180HP-RC232 High Power RF Module

Radiocrafts launched the RC1180HP-RC232 high power module. The module is pin compatible with the existing RC11xx-series, and enables extended range using the same lowcost design philosophy applicable for the whole RC11xx product family. The RC1180HP-RC232 (868 MHz) module is certified for operation up to 500 mW under the European radio regulations for license-free use. When used with quarter-wave antennas a lineof-sight range of over 3 km can be achieved. Modules and demo kits are available now.

Radiocrafts RC1180HP-RC232 high power module

The Radiocrafts RC1180HP-RC232 integrates high power technology into a complete RF modem in one single tiny package, replacing tens of components compared to a discrete design. No external components are required, except an antenna. The modules are delivered on tape and reel for efficient volume production. The RC1180HP-RC232 module measures only 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm.

The module is a complete RF system solution running on the existing industry proven RC232 protocol, with an easy-to-use UART interface for both configuration and communication. The embedded RC232 protocol provides a point-to-multipoint solution with individual addressing or broadcast, and CRC check for signal integrity. The module can also be used as a wireless RS232 / RS485 cable replacement.

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