ADLINK Technology High-Resolution PCI-98×6 Digitizers

ADLINK Technology launched the PCI-98×6 series of PCI digitizers. The PCI-9816, PCI-9826 and PCI-9846 4-channel, 16-bit high-resolution digitizers offer sampling rates of 10 MS/s, 20 MS/s, and 40 MS/s respectively. ADLINK also offers customized input ranges or higher bandwidth options on the PCI-98×6 series for OEM applications. The PCI-98×6 series of digitizers is currently available for a list price starting at $1,699.

ADLINK Technology PCI-98x6 series of PCI digitizers

The PCI-98×6 PCI digitizers combine three characteristics that make them optimized for various applications — high 16-bit accuracy, low noise, and high dynamic performance over wide range of frequency domain. They are ideal for applications such as radar/lidar design and test, ultrasonic imaging, non-destructive testing, spectral monitor, and automatic electronic testing.

For applications that need high-density channels in one system, the PCI-98×6 digitizers provide a specially design system synchronization interface (SSI) to synchronize up to 4 cards. Each member of the PCI-98×6 series also includes up to 512 Mbytes of onboard memory for ample data storage to allow extended the acquisition times.

ADLINK provides both legacy drivers for program development in Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic and task-oriented drivers, such as DAQPilot, to accelerate the development cycle. The PCI-98×6 series of digitizers can also be configured and operated in NI LabVIEW by using DAQPilot’s Express VIs and Polymorphic VI.

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