WinSystems Industrial CompactFlash Cards for Embedded Systems

WinSystems launched their high speed CompactFlash line of dual channel CF cards. The new CompactFlash Cards are designed for speed, durability, and extended temperature operation. They are ideal for high-performance, embedded systems applications requiring high reliability and high tolerance to shock, vibration, humidity, and altitude. The Type 1 CF devices can be used for rugged and mission-critical applications — including medical, transportation, industrial, communications, military/aerospace, security and surveillance.

WinSystems Industrial CompactFlash (CF) Cards for Embedded SystemsWinSystems High Speed CompactFlash Features

  • Type I with densities up to 16GB
  • Dual channel operation with Raid 0 like interleaved multi-divide Read and Write performance
  • Fast Read and Write Speeds
    • Sustained read up to 37MB/s
    • Sustained write up to 16MB/s
    • Burst rate to/from Host 66MB/s (UDMA mode 4)
  • SLC Flash technology provides high performance and durability
  • Internal 32-bit RISC/DSP Controller with advanced wear leveling for over 2,000,000 Program/Erase Cycles per block
  • On-card RS-ECC with 4 byte correction allowing the maximum life for each block
  • Spares and Bad Block Management
  • Compliant to CompactFlash 3.0 and compatible to 4.1 specifications
  • PCMCIA PC Card Standard, 7.0, version 2.1
  • PC Card ATA and True IDE Mode compatible
  • Fast UDMA mode 4 and PIO mode 0-6 supported
  • Power loss protection
  • Windows XPe/Embedded and Linux operating system compatible
  • Dual 3.3V / 5V Interface support
  • Low Power Consumption
  • -40°C to +85°C Temperature Operation
  • RoHS-6/6 compliant (Pb-free)
  • Knowledgeable and responsive technical support
  • Custom programming services available
  • 10-Year Data Retention

WinSystems’ RoHS-compliant CompactFlash cards feature temperature operation of -40° to +85°C. Five storage sizes are available from 1GB to 16GB. The CompactFlash cards will operate up to an altitude of 80,000 feet. They can withstand up to 2000Gs of shock and 16.3G (rms) of vibration.

The ultra DMA burst transfer rate is 66MB/s to and from the CF card. Sustained sequential Writes are 16MB/s and Reads are 37MB/s. The fast card-to-computer transfer rates reduce the time needed to store or retrieve digital data from non volatile memory. Flash memory power-down logic and Write protection is included to prevent data corruption during power loss by completing the last Write after power loss to the device.

These RoHS-compliant CF cards support a dual 3.3V/5V interface for system flexibility and will work with single board computers, instruments, cameras, or any other manufacturer’s computer that has a CF socket. They require very little power and will enter an automatic power down during wait periods.

More information: WinSystems High Speed CompactFlash (pdf)