Signatec EC14150 Wideband Signal Acquisition Card

Signatec announced the EC14150 wideband signal acquisition card for commercial laptop computers. The compact, low-power form-factor offers 150 MHz sampling rate on two channels, 14-bit resolution and 512 MB onboard RAM, yet consumes only 4.5 W, ideal for mobile data acquisition applications. The Signatec EC1450 is a 54mm-compliant ExpressCard board equipped with standard Plug and Play features common in PCI systems. The entire 512 MB memory may be used as an exceptionally large FIFO for acquiring data directly to the ExpressCard bus continuously (Continuous Record Mode) or in Data Transfer Mode, block acquisitions to RAM and transfers to PC modes.

Signatec EC14150 wideband signal acquisition card for commercial laptop computers

Signatec EC14150 ExpressCard High-Speed Digitizer Features

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista drivers
  • C Function Library with source code
  • Turnkey signal recording software application
  • Software manual that describes how to use the available library of functions or API to create larger applications or systems
  • SDK offering many multiple coding examples

In either Continuous Record Mode or Data Transfer Mode, Signatec’s EC14150 is capable of sustaining 180 MB/s transfers over the ExpressCard PCI Express (PCIe) x1 data link bus interface. Test data show recordings with the EC14150′s large 512 MB FIFO buffering the recording process can be sustained continuously at up to 90 MSPS, even when operating in traditional non real-time environments such as the Windows operating system.

The EC14150 was designed to maximize the quality of the captured signal in terms of signal-to-noise ratio and spurious-free dynamic range over a very wide frequency range. A 24 dB amplifier/attenuator circuit is at the input of both analog channels, where 20 dB of amplification and 4 dB of attenuation are available for selection in steps of 1 dB giving the EC14150 voltage ranges from 100 mVp-p to 3 Vp-p.

Both input channels implement a transformer coupled input for best possible signal performance. The EC14150 bandwidth ranges from 200 KHz to 200 MHz, and can be set to trigger from the input data channels, the external trigger signal input or via software command and supports single shot, segmented, and pre-trigger triggering modes.

A frequency synthesized clock allows the ADC sampling rate to be set to virtually any clock value up to 150 MHz, offering maximum flexibility for sampling rate selection. This frequency selection flexibility comes at no cost to the acquisition clock quality/performance when locked to either the onboard 10 MHz, 5 PPM reference clock or to an externally provided 10 MHz reference clock via the onboard clock input connector. This same sync clock input connector can also be used for applying an external clock to the EC14150′s onboard ADCs.

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