Embedded Artists LPC3141 Developer Kit

Embedded Artists introduced the LPC3141 Developer’s Kit. The LPC3141 Developer’s Kit is a ready to use platform that will let engineers explore the features of the NXP LPC314x microcontrollers. The kit features Linux support, large on-board RAM and Flash, networking and graphics capabilities. Using Embedded Artists’ LPC3141 Developers’ Kit as a prototyping platform makes it possible for embedded designers to focus on the value-added application. The kit includes all the software components needed to get up and running with software development on day one. It is easy to transfer the application and the OEM Board from the prototyping environment into the embedded designer’s final target application.

Embedded Artists LPC3141 Developer Kit

Embedded Artists LPC3141 Developer’s Kit Content

  • One LPC3141 OEM Board (EA-OEM-310)
  • One LPC31xx Base Board v2.0 (EA-OEM-300)
  • One USB cable, type A to mini B
  • Headset with microphone
  • Serial number that gives you access to the support site for this product

Embedded Artists LPC3141 OEM Board Highlights

  • NXP’s ARM926EJ-S LPC3141 microcontroller in BGA package
  • 256 MB NAND FLASH (2Gbit)
  • 4 MB SPI-NOR FLASH (32Mbit)
  • 64 MB SDRAM + 192 KB internal
  • 16-bit data bus to SDRAM
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (OTG, Host, Device) with on-chip PHY
  • 12.000 MHz crystal for CPU
  • 66 x 48 mm
  • +5V powering
  • 200 pos expansion connector (as defined in SODIMM standard), 0.6mm pitch
  • 256 Kbit I2C E2PROM for storing non-volatile parameters
  • Buffered 16-bit databus

More information: Embedded Artists