TI Code Composer Studio v4 Integrated Development Environment

Texas Instruments launched Code Composer Studio v4, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse open source software framework. CCStudio v4 is compatible across multiple processors in TI’s broad embedded portfolio, including microcontrollers, digital signal processors, and ARM-based OMAP application processors. This results in a common environment that simplifies development across a host of processor types. The IDE offers a number of low cost JTAG options including an XDS100 class emulator and corresponding CCStudio license for less than $100, which provides a low-cost entry point for development and enables engineers to later upgrade to higher performance debug solutions if necessary.

There are a variety of pricing options for Code Composer Studio v4 depending on the type of license needed. Developers can download a free 30-day trial to quickly evaluate different processors and begin development.

Code Composer Studio v4 Highlights

  • Superior code development environment speeds design and troubleshooting with an advanced editor and features such as code completion, code folding, local history of source changes, markers and the ability to associate tasks with source lines. Developers can also directly view images and video in their native formats.
  • Advanced GUI framework simplifies data and project management through the creation of perspectives with full customization of menus, toolbars and ‘fast views’ that enable developers to define the functionality and views appropriate to specific tasks, such as editing or debugging a program across multiple processors.
  • Multi-processor debugging intelligently manages status and information from multiple cores without the confusion that arises when each core requires its own separate debugger. More than 1200 third-party plug-ins support product development including static code analysis, source code control, modeling and scripting development.
  • Flexible project environment gives developers control over the compiler and DSP/BIOS version used with each individual project allowing projects in maintenance mode to continue to use the tools they were deployed with while enabling new projects to take full advantage of the latest improvements in technology.
  • Debug server scripting interface enables the automation of common tasks such as code validation and profiling.
  • Update manager tool automatically manages tool updates.

The open source Eclipse framework is quickly becoming the industry standard for IDEs, providing an excellent software architecture where developers can leverage the existing Eclipse community and the integration of a wide selection of third party plug-ins to speed troubleshooting, analysis and profiling of embedded designs. CCStudio v4 combines the advantages of the Eclipse framework with advanced embedded debugging capabilities developed by TI, along with multi-processor debugging and a comprehensive windowing solution.

More information: Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (v4.0) | Eclipse