GE Fanuc PEX441 Rugged 6U VPX XMC Carrier Card

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms inroduced the PEX441 Rugged 6U VPX XMC Carrier Card. The PEX441 enables system architects and integrators to include a broad range of high performance XMCs in their designs. The module is optimized for thermal performance, with the capability to offer power densities of up to 30 watts per XMC. One or two XMCs can be accommodated. The PEX441 is ideal for XMC applications like system I/O, FPGA processing, graphics and digital/analog and analog/digital interfaces.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms PEX441 Rugged 6U VPX XMC Carrier Card

The PEX441 supports the use of high performance XMCs on a carrier card. The card offers systems designers a choice of switched fabric topology by supporting a broad range of flexible I/O options. The PEX441 is available in five build levels, providing a cost-effective choice between platforms for benign environments through to systems that will be deployed in harsh environments. It is optionally compliant with the VITA 48/REDI specification for rugged systems.

Designed to support XMCs such as GE Fanuc’s Xilinx Virtex-5 based XMCV5, the PEX441 enables system designers to migrate their XMC laboratory systems to a rugged, deployable 6U VPX form factor in order to exploit the full complement of high speed digital I/O available through a standard VPX backplane. It extends the functional envelope of a 6U VPX system by leveraging an array of GE Fanuc- or customer proprietary XMC modules into a distributed, fabric-based architecture, removing the need to host high power mezzanines on high power CPU cards. Thermal load can be spread across multiple system slots for both air- and conduction cooled applications supporting high compute density.

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