MicroEJ Software Evaluation Kit for Embedded Artists LPC2478 Developer Kit

IS2T and Embedded Artist introduced MicroEJ Software Evaluation Kit for Embedded Artists’ LPC2478 Developer’s Kit. IS2T Java platforms offer embedded application developers a small memory footprint, high speed Java engine with optimized software library bundles. Total memory requirements for a typical LPC2478 based application with graphic LCD display and connectivity is 64 KBytes of SRAM for data and 256 KBytes of flash for program memory. MicroEJ Software Evaluation Kit will help software developers of real-time systems reduce development cost by a factor of five while producing high code quality.

Embedded Artists’ LPC2478 Developer’s Kit enables embedded developers to get up-and-running quickly with the LPC2478 processor. The LPC2478 OEM Board is equipped with NXP’s ARM7TDMI-S based LPC2478 micro-controller suitable for a wide range of applications that require advanced communication and high quality graphic displays. It is easy to transfer the OEM Board on the kit into the embedded developer’s final target application.

The MicroEJ Java Platforms for Embedded Artists’ LPC2478 Developer’s Kit are ideal for designing application requiring communication, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and sensors. The simulated platform available in Eclipse makes HMI design easy as it provides embedded Java code execution together with an interactive board picture showing the graphic LCD, the joystick, and other items that users can directly exercise. Target application segments such as machine-to-machine, e-metering, industrial control, home automation, and consumer will benefit from reduced maintenance costs due to binary-level application reuse across different device hardware configurations and remote dynamic updates.

MicroEJ JPK evaluation CD’s are shipped in Embedded Artists LPC2478 Developer’s Kits and allow evaluation of MicroEJ free of charge for a period of one month. MicroEJ JPK development licenses (directly available from IS2T) are an annual enterprise level per-user fee including support and maintenance. A manufacturing contract for embedded Java platforms run-time duplications is required. MicroEJ Eclipse Workbench is free of charge.

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