NEC Electronics EMMA3SL/P SoC Image Processing Solution

NEC Electronics introduced the EMMA3TMSL/P system-on-chip (SoC) image-processing solution. The EMMA3TMSL/P SoC is based on NEC’s enhanced multimedia architecture (EMMA) platform. EMMA3SL/P SoC is a set-top box (STB) device compliant with H.264 high definition (HD), the next-generation image-compression standard, as well as the multi-format video support used for the increasing number of worldwide internet-protocol television (IP TV) STBs, such as DivX, VC-1, and WMV. The EMMA3SL/P SoC also supports China’s audio/video standard (AVS). Samples of NEC Electronics’ EMMA3SL/P SoC are available now, with pricing starting at $30 per unit. Volume production is scheduled to begin by the second half of this year.


  • Supports multi-format video for IP TV
  • Complies with enhanced security features
  • Reduced total component cost, simplified board design and assembly
  • Performance more than doubled to 990 MIPS, compared to the company’s previous EMMA3SL/HD device
  • Supports hybrid IP TV STB functionality featuring simultaneous IP TV and broadcast TV, which can be either digital terrestrial, satellite or cable TV in one multimedia platform
  • Built-in deinterlacer to convert interlaced signals into progressive signals for enhanced display features
  • Supports the Linux operating system (OS) in addition to a real-time OS (RTOS) providing flexibility and easing development of software applications

The EMMA3SL/P device supports the reception of H.264 HD broadcasts adopted especially in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The SoC also specializes in multi-format video support for IP TV and pay TV, which allows users to play back almost all video formats from DivX and WMV, to VC-1. The new device is also the company’s first EMMA product to support China’s AVS.

To address the Conditional Access Companies’ demand for protection against signal piracy, the EMMA3SL/P SoC provides advanced security features to meet current security anti-piracy standards.

In addition to the HDMI interface and USB 2.0 host controller, the new device integrates Ethernet MAC, audio DAC and all other essential features on a single chip. The SoC ball layout has approximately 20 percent fewer number of pins from 596 to 484, compared to the company’s existing products, resulting in reduced bill-of-materials (BoM) costs for STB manufacturers.

More information: NEC Electronics EMMA3SL/P SoC