Unicoi Fusion SRTP for Secure IP Media Applications

Unicoi Systems released Fusion SRTP for secure IP media applications. The Fusion family of embedded networking protocols now supports secure RTP or SRTP. Fusion SRTP helps developers focus on more project-specific details by facilitating the encoding and decoding of real-time media streams. The Fusion Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) was designed to enable the transport of multimedia data over packet-oriented data networks such as the Internet. Fusion SRTP is the security-enhanced implementation of Fusion RTP. Fusion SRTP provides encryption, message authentication and integrity, along with replay protection for the data being streamed by Fusion RTP in both unicast and multicast applications. RTP data encryption is especially important for securely transmitting audio and video data in business, banking, and tactical intercommunications, across the Internet or a walled-garden environment.

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