USB-7202 and USB-7204 Data Acquisition Boards with Message-Based DAQ

Measurement Computing launched the USB-7202 and USB-7204 data acquisition boards. The USB-7202 and USB-7204 boards feature a new O/S-independent protocol that enables DAQ devices to be programmed with simple text-based messages. The USB-7202 and USB-7204 boards combine small form-factor, bus-powered USB hardware, and a light and agile software framework that can be ported to multiple operating systems. The software framework is called Message-Based DAQ (MBD). The MBD protocol simplifies driver and application development because all DAQ operations are programmed through a common command interface, which is composed of a consistent, extensible firmware interface and an open-source, cross-platform API.

Measurement Computing USB-7202 and USB-7204

USB-7202 Features

  • Eight analog input channels
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 100 kS/s max total throughput
  • Simultaneous sampling (1 A/D converter per input)
  • One 32-bit event counter
  • External digital trigger input
  • External pacer
  • Eight digital I/O lines
  • Detachable screw terminals

USB-7204 Features

  • Eight single-ended, or four differential, analog inputs
  • Two 12-bit analog outputs
  • 12-bit (differential), 11-bit (single-ended)
  • Up to 50 kS/s sample rate
  • 16 digital I/O lines
  • Detachable screw terminals

The USB-7202 and USB-7204 boards are multifunction measurement and control devices intended specifically for the MBD protocol. Intended primarily for OEM applications, both are shipped as open stackable PC/104-sized boards without enclosures. Both the USB-7202 and USB-7204 offer two USB connection options: high retention B-type, and OEM header.

Each product ships with a 2-meter long USB cable, four nylon standoffs with screws, and a CD containing a Windows installer file (msi), the MC7000 help file, and an archive file containing installation files for a Linux operating system. The USB-7202 is available now and the USB-7204 will be available on August 21, 2009.

More information: Measurement Computing Corporation