Intel ATOM Processor Technology for Embedded Designs

Shrinking product development cycles coupled with demanding product requirements and increasingly complex design implementations can overwhelm a design team. The technical risk of employing new, complex, high-speed processor technology can often deter engineers from incorporating new technology in product designs.

Intel Corporation’s ATOM processor and low power chipset solution is a technology choice which cannot be overlooked. The ATOM processor has the potential for wide application in deeply embedded, low power, fanless industrial, medical, communications, automotive, and consumer applications. The technology demands attention.

The Intel ATOM, Intel’s smallest chip, is designed for low power and high performance devices. Intel is setting the stage for future innovation in embedded architectures. For example, the ever growing Mobile Internet Device (MID) market presents an enormous opportunity to gain competitive advantage by implementing a low cost, high performing, low power, Intel chipset into the design. The Intel Centrino Atom processor technology includes the Intel Atom processor and a low-power companion chip with integrated graphics that provides high definition video with little power consumption for a great Internet experience.

Intel is breathing new life into the embedded IA32 universe. For the last ten or so years, embedded X86 developers have had a limited range of silicon devices to choose from. The introduction of the Intel ATOM will benefit the entire industry. Though originally designed for the MID market place, industrial, medical, and automotive product developers can now take advantage of the latest developments in embedded IA32 architecture. With its excellent low power operation (enabled by Intel’s IMVP-6 low power technology), industrial controls developers, medical product developers, automotive developers, and ruggedized computer developers can each take advantage of this new architecture.

The article was submitted by Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, which designs and fabricates custom solutions for demanding control needs. Within the IA32 design space, Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting has designed many highly customized Intel processor based (IA32) circuit boards. Orchid brings the combined knowledge of analog and specialized circuit design together with existing IA32 architecture design and BIOS firmware customization. The result: a unique, customized circuit board designed to address our client’s specific needs.