Corelis DDR3 ScanDIMM Modules

Corelis introduced two DDR3 ScanDIMM modules, which provide interconnect testability solutions for DDR3 sockets. DDR3 ScanDIMM modules are fully compatible with Corelis’ ScanExpress family of software products and come complete with all necessary cabling. 240-pin and 204-pin form factors are offered with both standard and mirrored pin-outs available in the 204-pin package. They conform to JEDEC mechanical specifications, MO-269F and MO-268C respectively, and are available from stock with a list price of $1,500.

Inserting the ScanDIMM into the DIMM socket of a UUT results in placing a fully bi-directional boundary-scan cell behind each pin of the DIMM connector, increasing the test coverage to include not only data and address signal pins, but also clock, control, and all power and ground pins. Utilizing this improved cell architecture, test pattern generation tools, such as Corelis’ ScanExpress TPG, can apply the most optimal diagnostic algorithms to clearly isolate any failure under investigation.

DDR3 is a high-performance memory solution for CPU systems pushing the envelope in key areas like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth, while bringing new levels of performance to desktop, notebook, and server computing. DDR3 supports data rates of 1333 to 1600 MT/s, with clock frequencies of 667 to 800 MHz respectively, providing superior performance over DDR2. In addition, DDR3′s standard 1.5V supply voltage cuts power consumption by up to 30% over DDR2.

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