Atmel SiliconCity Flexible Architecture

Atmel introduced the SiliconCity Flexible Architecture for 90nm SiliconCity ASIC development. The custom architecture provides up to 350K gates/mm2 and offers gate densities in the range of a standard cell ASIC. SiliconCity Flexible Architecture enables designers to create their own unique base wafer architecture for multiple product variations while reducing design time, lowering the NRE, and reducing risk through design reuse. ASIC development based on the architecture allows for lower mask fees and faster time to market.

Atmel SiliconCity Flexible Architecture for 90nm ASIC development

SiliconCity Flexible Architecture Features

  • Customer-Defined Platform Offers Easy Design and Derivatives
  • Low NRE Costs
  • Quick Time-to-Market
  • 90nm
  • Atmel’s Proven Processor Cores (AVR and ARM)

SiliconCity Flexible Architecture Technical Specs

  • 90 nm MPCF offers flexible metal programmabil­ity with the density of standard cell with over 350Kgates/mm2
  • ARM7, ARM9, and ARM11 based platforms offer seamless migration from ARM based standard product designs
  • Design Services for full Turnkey to COT net list hand off in as little as 12 weeks for samples — NRE Mask charges for 90 nm less than $300K
  • Embedded 1T Cell RAM: 1Mbit in less than 1mm2
  • High performance analog and mixed signal design capability (e.g. 12 bit A/D and DACs)

More information: Atmel