GAO Embedded EVM5410 + XDS510 Emulator Board for TI DSP Systems

The EVM5410+XDS510 evaluation and emulation board, from GAO Embedded, is designed for high performance TI DSP systems. The board helps users debug DSP systems easily. Advanced peripherals, such as A/D sampling card, storage card, and network card, can be easily added. The EVM5410+XDS510 has a DSP extending USB interface, which makes it convenient to extend the board with any daughter card, such as BOOTLOADER card, extended RAM, extended AD/DA, or network card. The emulator board includes four LEDs, which function as status indicators for power, internal JTAG ON, XF and DSP timer output respectively.

TI DSP Evaluation Boards & Tools : EVM5410 + XDS510 Emulator Board - GAO Embedded

EVM5410 + XDS510 Emulator Board Features

  • The upgraded version of DES5410PP-U reserves all functions of DES5410PP-U
  • The performance has been improved by 60% through the use of TMS320VC5410A at 160 MIPS
  • Add DSP extending USB interface, convenient to use any daughter card, such as BOOTLOADER card, extended RAM, extended AD/DA, network card, etc
  • DSP extending USB offers Address USB, Data USB, read/write control signal wire and IRQ signal wire to the daughter card
  • Upgrade MIC and SPEAK interface to standard stereo slot, convenient to use microphone and earphone
  • Integrated JTAG control circuits, allows you to use CCS without external emulator
  • Provides the function of parallel XDS510 Emulator, supports all TMS320 family DSP
  • Connected to PC with LPT, supports SPP8 and EPP LPT
  • External host (PC) may access on-chip memory of DSP by communicating with HPI port
  • Use AC01 as AIC circuits, offer one A/D channel (14bit) and one D/A channel (14bit), highest sampling rate is 43KHz
  • External single power supply, voltage 7.5V-15V
  • Offers analog signal I/O port, convenient to connect to other signal source
  • Reserve external JTAG interface, supports external emulator
  • 4 status indicator LED: Power indicator, internal JTAG ON indicator, XF indicator and DSP timer output indicator
  • Applicable for study, scientific research, experimentation, product development, etc

More information: GAO Embedded