AMD Turion Neo X2 Model L625, Athlon Neo X2 Model L325 Processors

The AMD Turion Neo X2 processor Model L625 and the AMD Athlon Neo X2 processor Model L325 are dual-core, 18W TDP cpus for the highly-scalable ASB1 BGA embedded client platform. The two processors offer PC-caliber performance in a very low power envelope and with an embedded-friendly ball grid array (BGA) package. This embedded client solution is ideal for single board computing, thin client systems, self-service kiosks, point of sale machines, and digital signage. The ball grid array (BGA) package helps alleviate potential reliability issues for systems that are deployed in rugged environments and has a low z-height that is designed to enable thin, compact enclosures. The new dual-core processors can help increase the performance of existing single-core designs. When combined with the AMD 780E or M690E chipset, embedded system designers can take advantage of a complete x86-based solution that can help streamline development, minimize time to market, and offers leading-edge graphics capability.

More information: Advanced Micro Devices