Lanner Electronics FW-8875 Network Communication Appliance

Lanner Electronics introduced the Lanner FW-8875 1U rack mount appliance. The Lanner FW-8875 is built on the Intel 5520 chipset and Intel Xeon 5500 processor. The network appliance supports a wide range of network modules in its three module bay chassis. Lanner offers a range of network module options including gigabit copper, gigabit fiber, fiber bypass and 10 gigabit Ethernet ports. The FW-8875 is available for orders immediately.

Lanner Electronics FW-8875 Network Communication Appliance

Lanner FW-8875 Network Communication Appliance Features

  • Intel 5520 server-grade chipset (Tylersburg)
  • Supports one Intel Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) CPU, LGA 1336
  • Max 20 network ports via 3 optional modules
  • Wide range of network module options
  • Max 24GB tri-channel DDR3 in 6 DIMMs

The FW-8875 supports one Intel Xeon 5500 processor (Nehalem architecture) and up to 24GB of tri-channel DDR3 memory. It includes two 2.5″ drive bays, four SATA ports and a CompactFlash socket for storage, and up to 20 network ports in flexible configurations via its three network module bays. The Tylersburg network appliance offers an optional onboard Cavium Octeon security accelerator to offload compute-intensive tasks from the CPU, granting even higher throughput for today’s demanding network security and acceleration applications. The Intel Tylersburg microarchitecture provides substantial performance improvements without increasing power demands.

The FW-8875 is ideal for enterprise-class network security and acceleration solutions such as UTM, VPN firewall, WAN acceleration and gateway antivirus/anti-spam/URL filtering appliances. For companies looking to develop network applications on an appliance platform, the FW-8875 offers the highest level of performance and flexibility in a 1U rack mount form factor on the market.

More info: Lanner Electronics FW-8875 Network Communication Appliance (pdf)