Microchip ENC624J600 100 Mbps Ethernet Controllers

Microchip Technology introduced the low-cost ENC624J600 standalone, IEEE 802.3 compliant, 100 Mbps Ethernet interface controllers. The ENC624J600 Ethernet controllers combine a 10/100Base-TX physical interface (PHY) and a Media Access Controller (MAC) with a hardware cryptographic security engine, and can connect to any PIC microcontroller via an industry-standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or a flexible parallel interface. Each device has a unique, factory-preprogrammed MAC address and 24 Kbytes of configurable SRAM for packet transmit/receive buffering and data storage. The ENC624J600 Ethernet controllers are available now for general sampling and volume production, with prices starting at $2.49 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The 44-pin package options for the ENC424J600 are QFN and TQFP. The 64-pin package option for the ENC624J600 is TQFP.

Microchip ENC624J600 100 Mbps Ethernet Controller

Microchip ENC624J600 Ethernet Controllers Features

  • IEEE 802.3 Compliant Fast Ethernet Controller
  • Integrated MAC and 10/100Base-T PHY
  • Hardware Security Acceleration Engines
  • Factory Preprogrammed Unique MAC Address
  • Supports one 10/100Base-T Port with Automatic Polarity Detection and Correction
  • Supports Auto-Negotiation
  • Support for Pause Control Frames, including Automatic Transmit and Receive Flow Control
  • Supports Half and Full-Duplex Operation
  • Programmable Automatic Retransmit on Collision
  • Available MCU Interfaces: 14 Mbit/s SPI interface with enhanced set of opcodes, 8-bit multiplexed parallel interface, 8-bit or 16-bit multiplexed or demultiplexed parallel interface
  • High-performance, modular exponentiation engine with up to 1024-bit operands
  • Supports RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms
  • Fast MD5 hash computations
  • Fast SHA-1 hash computations
  • Package: 64-Pin (TQFP)

The ENC624J600 Ethernet controllers are ideal for embedded applications that require fast and secure data communications. The controller’s combination of speed, flexibility, and features enables designers to create fast, secure network- and Internet-connected embedded applications with minimized board space, cost and complexity. Example applications that can take advantage of the ENC624J600 Ethernet controller include entertainment (Internet radios), telecommunications (VoIP phone adapters), inventory management (vending machines, hotel mini bars), remote diagnostics/alerts (appliances, factory machines, POS terminals, power supplies, servers/networks), security (asset monitoring, fire and safety, security panels, access control, fingerprint recognition), and remote sensing/actuators (industrial control/automation, lighting control, environmental control).

More information: Microchip ENC424J600/624J600 Ethernet Controllers (pdf)