AVIX RTOS Version 3.1

AVIX-RT launched AVIX RTOS version 3.1. The latest release of the AVIX RTOS includes interrupt handling capabilities that make the use of interrupts easier than with any competing product. AVIX is a Zero Latency RTOS meaning it never disables interrupts. As a result, when using AVIX, interrupt latency equals that of the underlying hardware leading to a deterministic and dependable system. AVIX interrupt handlers are allowed to use many system functions. AVIX RTOS includes a comprehensive user manual and is available for all 16 and 32 bit Microchip Microcontrollers.

Version 3.1 of AVIX offers increased performance. According the open source Thread-Metric performance test, AVIX is the clear winner on five of the seven tests contained in this test suite. AVIX offers a software based system stack for exclusive use by interrupt handlers leading to a very significant reduction in the amount of RAM used by your application. An average application using the 32 bit version of AVIX uses ~10KB less RAM than is the case with many competing product.

For testing and validation, AVIX-32 features Real Time Thread Activation Tracing, a non-intrusive mechanism showing the activation of threads real-time on a logic analyzer. This mechanism is usable both during development and in the end-product and offers unprecedented insight in your applications behavior.

AVIX RTOS includes mutexes, semaphores, pipes, timers, message queues, event flags, and memory support. All this functionality is accessible trough a user friendly and largely type safe API allowing programming errors to be found compile time instead of runtime.

More information: AVIX-RT