ST Cartesio+ Processor for Automotive Infotainment, Portable Navigation

Cartesio+, from STMicroelectronics, is an application processor with embedded GPS for next-generation in-car and portable navigation systems. The ST Cartesio+ enables cost- and space-efficient navigation and infotainment applications with enhanced user experience. The Cartesio+ processor has been designed to meet the quality and reliability requirements of the automotive market. Samples are available now to lead customers, with volume production scheduled for December 2009.

Cartesio+ is a scalable device available with two different feature sets: the STA2064 and STA2065, which have been optimized for BOM-sensitive and performance-demanding applications, respectively. The next-generation Cartesio+ offers high integration and high-performance features, while meeting the constraints of cost-sensitive applications. It is a System-on-Chip device that offers high-sensitivity embedded positioning capabilities and meets the power requirements of portable applications, while satisfying the most stringent automotive quality constraints.

The Cartesio+ System-on-Chip is manufactured in ST’s 55nm process technology and integrates a powerful ARM1176 processor with a GPS/Galileo positioning subsystem enhanced with indoor sensitivity, an advanced 3D graphics engine, and a large set of connectivity peripherals, including multiple SD/MMC, CAN and USB with integrated physical layers.

The device’s embedded graphics acceleration engine is optimized for 3D map content rendering using ST’s patented anti-aliasing technique, which smoothes jagged edges in digital images improving map readability, without impacting on processor performance. Cartesio+ also integrates a video input port for connecting auxiliary devices, such as a rear-view camera for safe parking, and a hardware JPEG decoder for fast picture browsing without taxing the chip’s main processing resources.

Cartesio+ also offers advanced power management capabilities, based on ‘power island’ technology, which allows areas of the chip to operate at different voltage levels. The device also supports dynamic scaling of the core frequency to improve battery life for portable applications.

More information: STMicroelectronics