GE Fanuc VPXcel3 SBC341 3U VPX Rugged Single Board Computer

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms launched the VPXcel3 SBC341 3U VPX rugged single board computer. The SBC341 features the latest Penryn processor technology from Intel (2.26GHz SP9300 Core 2 Duo processor), 25 watts thermal design power (TDP), and maximum throughput with minimum power dissipation. The SBC is for applications that demand leading edge throughput but that are size-, weight- and power-constrained. The SBC341 supports Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows Vista, Linux, and VxWorks 6.6.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms VPXcel3 SBC341 3U VPX rugged single board computer

The VPXcel3 SBC341 single board computer supports up to 8 GBytes of DDR3 memory, which enables multiple demanding applications to be run concurrently. The SBC features Gigabit Ethernet, x16 PCI Express for high-speed communication with an external graphics processor (x4 PCI Express and x1 PCI Express also provided), four USB ports, COM1 and COM2 ports, and two SATA interfaces.

The SBC341 processor features a 13% higher clock speed and a 20% lower TDP than the SBC340 it supersedes. It also has 50% more on-cache memory and a 50% faster front side bus for even more significant performance gains. The single board computer is alternatively available with the SL9400 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo processor with a TDP of just 17 watts. The SBC341 is also available in five ruggedization levels, enabling it to provide the most cost-effective solution whether it is deployed in a benign development environment or in a harsh operational environment.

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