Numonyx Axcell M29W and M29DW SLC NOR Flash Memory

Numonyx unveiled the Axcell M29W and M29DW high speed, single-level cell (SLC) NOR flash memory for memory-intensive embedded devices. The Axcell M29W and M29DW feature 70 nanoseconds (ns) random access time with the capability to support 60ns. The M29 flash memory are ideal for 256Mb applications in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, and computing markets. Samples of the 256Mb Numonyx Axcell M29W and M29DW product are available now with volume production in September 2009.

The 256Mb Axcell M29W and Axcell M29DW are designed to help embedded engineers reduce costs and simplify designs by supporting industry-standard command set. The Axcell M29W supports uniform block architecture while Axcell M29DW provides a parameter block, multibank architecture, supporting reads in one bank while program or erase functionality in an alternate bank. Both M29W and M29DW will support AEC-Q100 certification, a higher level reliability certification required by automotive manufacturers.

In addition to fast 70ns random access time, the M29W and M29DW also deliver increased programming speed that enables designers to improve programming throughput, time-to-market and total cost of ownership. At speeds of nearly 3.2MB per second, the new memory can provide a full-chip programming advantage of as much as eight times faster than typical competitive products.

Based on industry-standard (JEDEC) footprints and command sets, the Numonyx Axcell M29W and M29DW family of products has the benefit of broad industry support, design flexibility and enables embedded engineers to scale the memory subsystem across various densities. In addition, Numonyx Axcell M29W 256 Mb flash memory is also available in “S” secure compatible versions for increased device security.

More information: Numonyx