MDT Software AutoSave Approval and Audit Trail Modules

MDT Software created the AutoSave Approval and Audit Trail Modules to support electronic approval with detailed audit trails for automated device programs and documents. AutoSave is an enterprise source management solution to secure, protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems, robots, and other industrial programmable devices and documents. AutoSave Approval and Audit Trail Modules includes the AutoSave Reports Module, which enables users to generate over 70 unique reports from the historical data stored in AutoSave. Users can filter data to specific information such as client, agent or user, create specialized audit reports, and view important program statistics.

AutoSave Approval and Audit Trail Modules Functionality

  • Electronic Approvals
    Approval groups can be easily configured via drag-and-drop interface allowing users to be assigned to one or many devices or documents; automatic capture of audit trail information including the approver’s user ID and comments, activity date and time stamp; complete revision history and in-process status of active development projects available on-demand
  • Multiple Review Statuses
    View program versions that are in different statuses (request for approval, test, validate, implemented); complete history of review and approvals
  • Verification and Confirmation Processes
    access to key processes requires users to re-enter their password, thereby verifying active user status; automatic email to approvers prompts the need for review and approval of a device program or document change; user privileges are verified automatically prior to confirmation
  • Additional Security Features
    Control of expiring password and prior password re-use; email addresses for AutoSave users captured for approval and other notifications; existing automatic logs augments with additional, electronic log messages; configurable required approval processes

More information: Electronic Approval and Audit Trails for Device Programs (pdf)