IAR KickStart Kit for NXP LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3

IAR Systems unveiled the IAR KickStart Kit for NXP Semiconductor LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3 devices. The IAR KickStart Kit includes IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, example applications to speed up development of LPC1768 designs, a development board fitted with the microcontroller, evaluation editions of IAR PowerPac for ARM, IAR visualSTATE, and a separate IAR J-Link debug probe for ARM. The kit is available now with a list price of $349 (€ 270).

The IAR KickStart Kit development board features a 3-axis accelerometer, a temperature sensor, inputs for external sensors, an SD/MMC card slot, Ethernet connector and transceiver, different USB connectors, microphone and headset connectors, a CAN bus, and 2 UART DB9 connectors. It also includes a JTAG/SWD 20-pin interface and ETM v3 trace connector, an external power connector, potentiometer, colour LCD display, and user LEDs. Two buttons are included to simulate external events and a joystick is also provided.

The kit is ideal for engineers who want to explore the applications the NXP LPC1768. The LPC1768 microcontroller runs at up to 100 MHz and integrates high-bandwidth communications peripherals such as Ethernet, USB On-The-Go/Host/Device, and CAN. These can run simultaneously without bottlenecks. The device features tightly integrated power control, including a unique Wake-up Interrupt Controller (WIC) for efficient entry and exit to and from lowest power sleep states. LPC1768 targets a wide range of applications, including eMetering, lighting, industrial networking, alarm systems, white goods and motor control. The kit contains all the necessary hardware and software to quickly evaluate the device and commence development.

More information: IAR Systems