NEC V850E/IG4, V850E/IH4 32-bit Microcontrollers for Inverter Control

NEC Electronics introduced the V850E/IG4 and V850E/IH4 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCU) for inverter control and motor control. The new MCUs are ideal for applications like air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, factory automation (FA) equipment, and photovoltaic power systems. Samples of the new microntrollers are available now. Prices for samples of the new MCUs will vary depending on memory capacity. For example, the V850E/IH4, with 480 kilobytes of flash memory and 24 kilobytes of RAM will be priced at US$12 per unit. Mass production of the new devices will begin in December 2009.

NEC V850E/IG4 and V850E/IH4 Microcontrollers Features

  • Enhanced Inverter Timer (2 units x 6 PWM outputs per unit)
    The devices come with up to 100 MHz operation for higher PWM drive frequencies and higher inverter/motor control loop frequencies enable highly energy-efficient, smart appliances and factory automation equipment.

  • Enhanced CPU Operating Frequency of 100 MHz for Finer-grained Inverter Control
    The new MCUs provide up to 1.5 times more performance than previous generations, in addition to offering better algorithm processing and finer-grained inverter control. Using a real-time operating system (OS), the new MCU products can shorten the overall development process.

  • Up to 480 KB of Embedded Flash Memory
    With up to 480 kilobytes (KB) of flash memory, the new MCUs can be applied to systems that require large memory capacity for their programs, such as factory automation and air conditioning equipment.

  • On-chip USB Function Interface
    NEC Electronics’ new V850E/IG4-H and V850E/IH4-H MCU devices include an on-chip USB function controller to facilitate the connection between peripheral systems, and diagnostic interfaces for motor control applications. Also provided on these devices are an external bus interface, and to support the USB interface and other data-transfer requirements, all the devices can support seven DMA (direct memory access) channels.

  • Increased Analog Peripherals
    All of NEC Electronics’ new V850E/Ix4 MCU devices integrate more analog peripherals, which are ideally suited for inverter control, including 20 ADC channels, 6 programmable op amps and 12 analog comparators, which offer a significant increase over the current generation of devices. By replacing discrete components with an integrated solution, manufacturers can dramatically reduce their bill of materials (BOM) costs and save space on system boards.

More information: NEC Electronics