Cambridge Temperature Concepts Wireless Medical Temperature Sensor

Cambridge Temperature Concepts (CTC) announced a wireless temperature sensor that can measure body temperature to within a thousandth of a degree (current solutions typically have precision of a tenth of a degree). The coin sized unit also uses innovative power saving techniques to extend the battery life to in excess of six months rather than the usual life of a few days. The sensor’s precision and long life open up many new applications in the medical field.

The sensor uses a Microchip PIC 8-bit microprocessor to process and compress the temperature readings which are taken every few seconds. Up to a month of data can be stored on the on-board 2Mbyte memory, which is downloaded via RF by a reader when required. Average sensor power consumption is less than 1uA, providing for months of continuous use off a tiny battery.

Cambridge Temperature Concepts is based in the Cambridge Science Park in the UK. It was founded in 2007 and its first commercial product, DuoFertility, took only 18 months from seed funding to product on the market. DuoFertility provide couples with an accurate way to monitor fertility. The company is currently investigating other medical applications for its sensors — such as infection response monitoring where the ultra sensitive temperature readings can open up new treatment regimes.

More information: Cambridge Temperature Concepts