Atmel AT88SA100S CrytpoAuthentication IC for Battery Authentication

Atmel introduced the AT88SA100S ultra low-cost, cryptographic battery authentication IC for mobile-phones, cameras, portable power tools, and other battery-powered applications. The AT88SA100S CrytpoAuthentication IC uses a SHA-256 cryptographic engine and a 256-bit key that cannot be cracked using brute force methods. It is used to protect mobile phones, portable power tools, cameras, and other microcontroller-based products from counterfeit battery packs. The AT88SA100S battery authentication IC is available now in a 1.3mm x 3mm, green-compliant (exceeds RoHS) 3-pin SOT-23 package. The chip is priced at $0.65 in quantities of 1K units.

AT88SA100S CrytpoAuthentication IC Features

  • Secure battery authentication
  • Superior SHA-256 Hash Algorithm
  • Best in class 256 bit key length
  • Guaranteed Unique 48 bit Serial Number
  • High speed single wire interface
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5 – 5.5V
  • <100nA Sleep Current
  • 4KV ESD protection
  • Green compliant (exceeds RoHS) 3 pin SOT-23 package
  • Multi-level hardware security
  • Secure personalization

The AT88SA100S ensures replacement batteries meet the product manufacturer’s standards by providing secure, reliable authentication that can be used to prevent product operation and/or charging with counterfeit product. The AT88SA100S has 256-bits of SRAM for key storage, a guaranteed unique 48-bit serial number stored permanently inside the chip and 88 one-time, user-programmable fuses that can be used for the storage of battery parameters or status information. The 256-bit key is stored in the on-chip SRAM at the battery manufacturer’s site and is powered by the battery pack itself. Physical attacks to retrieve the key are very difficult to effect because removing the CryptoAuthentication chip from the battery erases the SRAM memory, rendering the chip useless.

More information: Atmel