Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit for Compact COM Express Class

The Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit features the Kontron microETXexpress-SP or -DC Computer-on-Modules (95 x 95 mm) based on the Intel Atom series processors and the Kontron ETXexpress miniBaseboard. Starterkits are also available for evaluation with other microETXexpress modules. The Kontron microETXexpress evaluation kit are ideal for developers new to the compact class of COM Express. The Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit comes with the complete embedded hardware — including the cables, a very small Power Supply Unit called picoPSU combined with a 12V desktop power supply and an active cooler.

Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit

The Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit is an development platform for embedded applications that require high-performance and processing density on a compact footprint with low-power consumption. It is ideal for evaluating applications for small mobile devices that are battery-powered (or solar-powered) and small embedded devices that have a compact format. The kit is ideal for applications in areas such as multimedia, test and measurement, medical, automation, energy, telecommunications, and POS / POI.

At the heart of the Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit is the Kontron ETXexpress miniBaseboard (170 x 155 mm with a low profile height of 44 mm). The carrier board includes interfaces for PCI Express x1, PCI, Serial ATA, PATA, CF card slot, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, COM pin headers, DVI and VGA, 2x LVDS, audio, and a feature connector, which enables a direct connection to the graphic card without encumbering the CPU or the data bus.

The Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit is modular and can be ordered either with or without any Kontron microETXexpress Computer-on-Module. The Starterkit will soon be available for Kontron microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Modules with 1.1 GHz or 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z5xx series processors and the Intel System Controller Hub US15W, and for the new Kontron microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processors. Also available are microETXexpress Computer-on-Modules with 45 nm Intel Core2 Duo processors (Kontron microETXexpress PC) and Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M processors (Kontron microETXexpress-PM).

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