DSPCon DataFlex-515 Real-Time Data Recorder

DSPCon announced the DataFlex-515 real-time data recorder. The DataFlex-515 weighs less than 20 pounds and features dual 500 Gbyte hard disk drives, real-time playback, display and analysis, and provides a sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples per second. The data recorder is compatible with a variety of common file formats — including DATX/CATS, UFF58, CSV, and ATI. Two hot-swappable, dual-lithium-ion battery packs provide a total of 100 watts of output power and 190-watt-hours of capacity resulting in an impressive four hours of continuous operation in the field. It is available now for immediate delivery.

DataFlex-515 Data Recorder Features

  • Open-standards, non-proprietary design architecture
  • Includes MultiScope, which combines the functionality of 32 oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers in one convenient package
  • Records data while performing displays and real-time data tests at bandwidths up to 115kHz
  • Sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples/second/channel
  • High capacity recording – One Terabyte (dual 500 GB hard disk drives)
  • Two, hot-swappable, dual-lithium-ion batteries provide 3X the capacity of conventional notebooks)
  • Standard DVD-RW drive, FireWire, four USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet connections up to 1000 Base – TX
  • Rugged, flame-retardant design with fully integrated keyboard and 15-inch, anti-glare LCD screen
  • Standard 32-channel configuration with optional 64-channel capacity available

DataFlex-515 Data Recorder Specifications

  • Sampling Rate: Range: up to 256,000 samples/second
  • Resolution: .001 samples/ second
  • Bandwidth: Up to 115 kHz
  • Recording Capacity: Over 1,000 hours (standard 32-channels @ 4,000 samples/sec) and over 8.5 hours (optional 64-channels @ 256,000 samples/sec)
  • Frequency Response: ±0.1 dB, DC to 90 kHz up to 200,000 samples/sec
  • Input Anti-alias Filter: Analog: 2-pole Butterworth at 320 kHz
  • Digital: Sigma-Delta @ .4535 x Sample Rate
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated to +/-0.05%, traceable to NIST
  • IRIG-B: Input with time stamping to 1 msec accuracy

More information: DSPCon