Portwell PQ7-M101G Qseven Module

American Portwell Technology introduced the PQ7-M101G Qseven module. The PQ7-M101G features an Intel Atom processor, SATA interface, SDVO, PCI Express, LPC Interface, high definition audio interface, and up to 1 GB system memory. The ultra compact board measures 70mm x 70mm (2.75″ x 2.75″). The PQ7-M101G is ideal for a range of low-power systems and handheld mobile devices in applications such as medical healthcare, industrial control, gaming, portable device, and COTS military markets.

American Portwell Technology PQ7-M101G Qseven module

PQ7-M101G Qseven Module Features

  • Intel Atom Z510 (1.1GHz) or Z530 (1.6GHz)
  • Intel US15W integrated GMA 500 Graphic, full hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, VC1 and WMV9 is supported
  • Support Two SATA Ports from Qseven Golden Finger
  • Ultra Low CPU and SCH TDP (Under 5W) for fan-less application
  • Internal LVDS and SDVO interface for dual independent display
  • On board 512MB or 1GB DDR2 supported
  • 4Mbit flash ROM for easy BIOS upgrade and video BIOS for DFP

More information: Portwell PQ7-M101G (pdf)