Texas Instruments TMS320C6742, TMS320C6746, TMS320C6748, OMAP-L138 DSPs

Texas Instruments launched the TMS320C6742, TMS320C6746, TMS320C6748, and OMAP-L138 digital signal processors (DSPs). With performance levels up to 300 MHz, the devices offer the ability to manage on-chip power through dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) and multiple power down modes. All processors are available for sampling and are priced as follows: TMX320C6742 for $6.70, TMX320C6746 for $13.50, TMX320C6748 for $15.20, and OMAP-L138 for $18.60 (1,000 units).

The DSPs reduce overall system cost for a wide spectrum of products including industrial, communications, medical diagnostics and audio. Power protection systems benefit from the OMAP-L138 device’s fixed/floating-point DSP, ARM9, Ethernet MAC (EMAC), and LCD controller for up to $14 cost reduction compared to current solutions. For applications that need high-speed data transfer and high-capacity storage (such as test and measurement, public safety radios, music effects and intelligent occupancy sensors), the processors feature a universal parallel port (uPP) and are also the first TI devices with an integrated Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA).

OMAP-L138 Processor Highlights

Texas Instruments OMAP-L138 digital signal processors
  • Dual-core processor that builds on the C6748 DSP with a 300 MHz ARM9 gives developers the flexibility to add intuitive human machine interfaces, touch screens or networking capability to their applications
  • ARM9 allows developers to implement high-level operating systems, such as Linux
  • Windows Embedded CE and Integrity support is expected in 4Q09
  • Low power usage with 440mW total power and 15mW in standby mode in use case scenarios

C6742, C6746, and C6748 DSP Highlights

  • Lowest-cost and lowest-power C6000 processors and industry’s lowest-power floating-point DSPs with 420mW total power and 7mW @1.0V standby power in use case scenarios
  • Standby power up to nine times lower than existing floating-point DSP solutions on market
  • First TI processor with an integrated SATA for high-capacity data storage
  • A uPP enables high-speed connection to data converters, FPGAs or other C6742/C6746/C6748/ OMAP-L138 processors
  • EMAC, multimedia card/secure digital (MMC/SD) and high-speed USB 2.0/1.1 for desktop, network or portable connectivity or storage
  • Video port interface provides the ability to input/output raw video while a LCD controller allows developers to easily connect video graphics array (VGA) resolution displays
  • Multiple operating points facilitated through DVFS, powering off unused peripherals and selectable I/O voltages enable portability and reduce heat dissipation in products
  • Complementary TI TPS65070 power management device implements all sequence and default options as well as supports the devices’ power modes
  • C674x core up to 300 MHz provides floating-point operations for high-precision and wide dynamic range as well as fixed-point operations for higher performance
  • Pin-for-pin compatibility (C6742, C6746, C6748 and OMAP-L138) enables customer to expand their entire product portfolio using the same hardware and software platform
  • 128 KB to 448 KB on-chip memory to reduce external memory access and power usage

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