SMSC OS85650 for MOST Intelligent Network Interface Controllers

SMSC rolled out the OS85650 I/O companion chip for MOST Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs). The OS85650 features multiple interfaces, powerful routing engine, and a DTCP co-processor. The IC is ideal for various audio and video applications such as Head Units, Rear Seat Entertainment, Amplifiers, TV-Tuners and, Video Displays. Samples of the OS85650 are available now. A pin-compatible version without a DTCP coprocessor is also available.

The primary function of the OS85650 is to route data streams simultaneously between industry standard application I/O interfaces, including MediaLB (3-Pin and 6-Pin), HBI, TSI, SPI, and I²S. It is the first MediaLB 6-Pin device that supports all features of the MOST150 multimedia network. Together with the 16 bit parallel Host Bus Interface (HBI), it enables a high-speed connection between the INIC150 and multiple External Host Controllers (EHCs) with over 300Mbit/s. It is also possible to use the OS85650 as a bridge between MediaLB 6-Pin and MediaLB 3-Pin devices.

The OS85650 works together with SMSC INICs for all MOST speed grades (MOST25, MOST50, and MOST150) and can replace many FPGA solutions. The companion chip allows the INIC family to remaincost optimized in providing minimal application interfaces at a low pin count.

The high-performance routing engine operates at an internal speed up to 1.5 GBit/s. It is able to route on top of the standard MOST network communication, Ethernet IP packets, multiple MPEG-TS, and several high quality 7.1 audio streams.

The Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) co-processor autonomously encrypts and decrypts up to 8 multiple synchronous and isochronous data channels routed through the device. It includes full AKE functionality and supports both M6 and AES-128 cipher engines according to DTCP for MOST and DTCP-IP. This content protection is required for high quality audio and video content, like DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and HD-Broadcasting Services.

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