RoweBots Unison v4 RTOS for Texas Instruments Stellaris Microcontrollers

RoweBots introduced Version 4 of Unison RTOS for ARM Cortex-M3 processors. Unison V4 is hosted on Windows XP and Vista for x86 platforms. Unison OS and Texas Instruments Stellaris MCUs are ideal for lighting, white goods, home automation, industrial automation, power management, and networking applications. Unison increases embedded development productivity and reliability for Stellaris developers by reducing the time and difficulty required to develop complex systems. OEM developers can create improved applications with standard reusable components supported by the Unison product, TI’s Stellaris MCUs, and CodeSourcery tools. Unison V4 will begin shipping immediately with free development offered. Open-source licenses start at $695 USD.

Cortex-M3 Features Supported by Unison

  • Ultra tiny Linux and POSIX compatible pthread kernel
  • Message queues
  • Semaphores
  • Mutexs
  • Conditional mutexs
  • Malloc and free
  • Fixed size buffer management
  • DSP pipelines
  • Serial I/O – RS232, 485, and more
  • Networking I/O – high performance, full features
  • Bus I/O – USB, SPI
  • Touch Screen Graphics – Luminary
  • Multimedia and Flash File System
  • Fat File System
  • Web server
  • Synchronous Serial
  • Tiny FTP

Unison supports the EKC-LM3S6965, EKC-LM3S3748, EKC-LM3S9B90, EKC-LM3S9B92, and DK-LM3S9B96 evaluation modules with a collection of 20 demos running right out of the box. Users will be able to fully evaluate the TI AEC ARM Cortex-M3 with the demos. The standard CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ ARM EABI development environment as well as the Sourcery Stellaris EABI are used.

More information: RoweBots