MultiCore Plus Pro Edition Software and MultiCore MathPack Library

Mercury Computer Systems introduced the MultiCore Plus (MCP) Pro Edition software environment and the MultiCore MathPack library bundle for multicore application development. The MCP Pro Edition features a scalable, modular architecture that supports a broad range of commercial and rugged multicore and multicomputer systems to meet a variety of size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements for ISR and industrial inspection applications. The MultiCore MathPack is a library bundle that includes the MC SAL (MultiCore Scientific Algorithm Library) and MC VSIPL (MultiCore Vector Signal Image Processing Library). MultiCore MathPack is available separately or bundled with the MultiCore Plus Pro Edition software suite.

The MCP Pro Edition includes the Eclipse-based integrated software development environment, a target-extended operating system, the Interprocessor Communication System (ICS), and the new MultiCore MathPack package. The extended operating system includes a board support package, enhanced diagnostics, and the choice of either Linux or Wind River VxWorks software platforms. Both ICS and MathPack are multicore-aware and optimized to maximize performance and preserve customer investments in application development.

Both MC SAL and MC VSIPL in the MultiCore MathPack package can automatically utilize all available processor cores to ensure peak processor performance without user intervention, enabling high throughput and low latency to support demanding processor-intensive applications.

MultiCore MathPack Overview

  • Multicore Libraries
    • MultiCore SAL
    • MultiCore VSIPL
  • Single-core Libraries
    • CSAL “C” Source code for all SAL APIs
    • SAL for Linux with select optimizations for single-core
    • VSIPL -Lite Plus over SAL (where optimized) or CSAL
  • Ultimate performance libraries for signal, image, and data processing
  • Optimizes multicore processor resources for demanding processing-intensive applications
  • Automatically utilizes additional cores for maximum performance
  • Enhanced processor utilization enables high throughput and low latency
  • Proven, mature, stable APIs reduce product life-cycle costs and time-to-market
  • Seamless upgrade for existing single-core SAL applications

More info: MultiCore Plus Software Packages | MultiCore MathPack (pdfs)