XMOS XS1-L Event Driven Processor Family for Under $5 Per Core

XMOS introduced the XS1-L series of event-driven processors. The XS1-L family is targeted at the mass electronics market with a sub $5 price point. The XS1-L processors offer embedded software developers an energy-efficient, scalable, multi-core solution that enables them to build complete systems by combining interface, DSP, and control functions entirely in software. The XS1-L1 device is currently available in a 10×10 LQFP64 package (samples available now) and a 14×14 TQFP128 package (samples available in July) both priced under $5 for 10k unit quantities. The dual-core XS1-L2 will sample in Q3 2009.

XMOS XS1-L series of event-driven processors

Each XS1-L XCore contains a 32-bit processor and operates up to 400MIPS. XCore power consumption is below 500µW in sleep mode and 20mW in standby with active power adding under 450µW/MHz. The event-driven architecture, together with XMOS’ programming tools enables XCores to switch automatically between standby and active saving up to 90% of energy in low duty-cycle applications – no special programming is needed.

XS1-L devices are supported by tools available free of charge from the XMOS website. A new development kit, the XC-5, based on the XS1-L1 is also available. Built on a 65-nanometer process, the XS1-L1 is sampling with customers now. It is available in easy-to-use packages and any number of devices can easily be linked together with XMOS links, scaling to larger systems, as required.

More information: XMOS