Tektronix MSO3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series

Tektronix introduced the MSO3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series. The new oscilloscopes offers embedded system designers with the ability to visualize and analyze analog, digital, and serial signals on a single instrument. The MSO3000 features up to four analog and 16 digital channels, 100 to 500 MHz bandwidth, 5M record length, and 2.5 GS/s analog sample rate for system debug. Prices range from $6,350 U.S. MSRP for a two-channel 100MHz MSO3012 to $14,700 U.S. MSRP for a four-channel 500MHz MSO3054 with an included P6316 digital probe.

Tektronix MSO3000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The digital channels of the MSO3000 oscilloscopes are tightly integrated into the user interface. The color-coded waveform display simplifies viewing of digital waveforms, displaying ones in green and zeros in blue. This makes it easy to recognize the logic state of a signal without having to scroll to a transition. Digital waveforms can be grouped and labeled, greatly reducing setup time. MagniVu high speed acquisition provides confidence when making critical timing measurements on digital waveforms with the acquisition of 10,000 points at up to 8.25 GS/s (121.2 ps resolution), providing significantly finer timing resolution and capturing narrower glitches than comparable MSOs on the market.

Embedded system designers can easily discover intermittent problems with a 50,000 waveform per second capture rate and intensity-graded digital phosphor display technology. The designer can then capture signal anomalies and glitches with a complete set of triggers, including parallel data and serial packet content. The trigger is applied across all input channels and automatically time correlates all analog, digital and serial signals. Wave Inspector controls enable automatic search across all analog, digital, serial and parallel data signals for a specific event of interest. Wave Inspector will automatically mark every instance of the event enabling rapid navigation between them. Finally, the designer can quickly analyze signals with 29 automated measurements, advanced waveform math and specialized application support for serial bus analysis, power analysis and video debug.

The MSO/DPO3000 Series enables embedded system designers to improve the performance of their designs and reduce time to market. For serial bus applications, a single signal often includes address, control, data and clock information. This can make isolating events of interest difficult. The MSO/DPO oscilloscopes offer a robust set of tools for debugging serial buses with automatic trigger, decode and search for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, LIN, and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM standards.

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