CSR RoadTunes ROM for Portable Navigation Devices, In-car Devices

CSR introduced the RoadTunes ROM solution for portable navigation devices (PNDs) and aftermarket in-car devices (such as Bluetooth-enabled vehicle infotainment and car radio platforms). The RoadTunes ROM chipset will enable Bluetooth in entry level PNDs and aftermarket in-car devices where previously the cost has been prohibitive. RoadTunes ROM is available now.

CSR RoadTunes ROM for Portable Navigation Devices (PND) and  Aftermarket In-car Devices

RoadTunes ROM is a complete embedded Bluetooth solution in a QFN package that requires minimal external components. The ROM chip features a stereo CODEC, echo and noise suppression, hands-free, audio streaming, and phonebook connectivity. The RoadTunes ROM solution, which is based is a BlueCore5-Multimedia chip, is low power design with a powerful RISC and DSP processor. It is Bluetooth in a single package at a highly competitive price.

RoadTunes ROM chipset enables OEMs to easily and quickly integrate Bluetooth connectivity. It reduces time to market and simplifies the integration effort involved with incorporating wireless connectivity in embedded PNDs and aftermarket automotive devices. On average it takes less than six weeks to integrate RoadTunes ROM on a device and does not require prior in-depth Bluetooth experience.

CSR provides highly portable host software for both the flash and ROM solutions. This helps to speed the integration of RoadTunes onto customer platforms. Bluetooth profiles and other features in the RoadTunes ROM chipset can be enabled or disabled as needed by this host software. It is also scalable to requirements and can be integrated into many different host CPU devices, from 16bit devices to powerful ARM platforms.

RoadTunes ROM provides exceptional interoperability as it has been tested against a high number of phones in, or about to appear in, the market. CSR provides all of its customers with the entire list of phones that the design has been tested against.

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