Ramtron FM24CL32 Serial Ferroelectric Random Access Memory

The Ramtron FM24CL32 is a serial nonvolatile RAM features 32-Kilobit (Kb) nonvolatile memory, 2.7 to 3.6-volt operation, two-wire (I2C) protocol, fast access, NoDelay writes, virtually unlimited read/write cycles (1E14), and low power consumption. The FM24CL32 is a direct hardware replacement for serial EEPROM memory used in industrial controls, metering, medical, military, gaming, and computing applications, among others. Samples of the FM24CL32 are available now in a Green RoHS-compliant, 8-pin SOIC package. Unit pricing begins at $0.99 in quantities of 10K.

Ramtron FM24CL32 serial ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM)The FM24CL32 is a serial ferroelectric random access memory organized as a 4,096 x 8-bit memory array and is accessed using an industry standard two-wire (I2C) communication interface. Unlike an EEPROM, there are no write delays when using the FM24CL32, and the next bus cycle may commence immediately without the need for data polling. The device writes at bus speed up to 1 MHz and supports legacy timing at 100kHz and 400kHz. The FM24CL32 provides data retention for up to 45 years while eliminating the complexities, overhead, and system level reliability problems caused by EEPROM and other nonvolatile memories.

The FM24CL32 is an ideal nonvolatile memory for data collection applications that require frequent or rapid writes. Demanding industrial controls can benefit from the FM24CL32 where the long write time of EEPROM devices can cause data loss. FM24CL32 also provides reliable data retention for 45 years when operated at +75 degrees C, a necessary retention time for the utility metering industry.

The FM24CL32 operates over the industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C in a low voltage, low power operation of 2.7V-3.6V, with an active current of 70 microamps (typical at 100kHz) and 12 microamps current in standby.

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