Technosoft ISD720 Intelligent Servo Drive

The Technosoft ISD720 is an intelligent servo drive developed for high power needs and cost-sensitive applications. The ISD720 can control brushless DC, brushless AC (vector control), DC brush, and linear motors. The intelligent servo drive combines motion controller, power amplifier, and PLC functionality in a single, compact unit. The ISD720 drive is an economical alternative for motion applications that demand high servo performance control. The drive is ideal for high precision control areas from medical to factory automation as well as for industrial projects that require high-power control.

Technosoft ISD720 Intelligent Servo DriveTechnosoft ISD720 Servo Drive Features

  • Fully digital servo amplifier with embedded motion controller
  • Controls brushless (sinusoidal / trapezoidal), DC brush, or linear motors
  • Single-axis, operating in stand-alone or slave mode (distributed intelligence)
  • Control modes: position, speed, or torque
  • Motion modes: S-curve profiles, 1st / 3rd order PT/PVT interpolation, electronic gearing and electronic camming
  • External reference: analog or digital (2nd encoder, or pulse & direction)
  • Powerful TML instruction set including: motion commands, program flow control, I/O handling, arithmetic and logic operations, remote control from another drive
  • Axis synchronization between all drives
  • Output current: 20 A (ISD720 model) or 12 A (ISD860 model) continuous; 49.5 A peak (ISD720) or 31 A peak (ISD860)
  • Supply voltage: 12-36 V for logic; 12-36 V (ISD720) or 12-72 V (ISD860) for motor
  • Open-frame design (136 x 84 x 26) mm
  • DSP controller based on the Technosoft MotionChip technology
  • 10-bit PWM at 20 KHz
  • RS-232 serial communication, up to 115 k baud rate
  • CAN bus 2.0B with TMLCAN or CANopen protocols, up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Operation in multiple-axis structures, via CAN communication channels

A CANopen version of the ISD720, supporting DS-301 and DSP-402 profiles, is also available.

More info: Technosoft