Trusted Foundations Standard for Mass Market Smartphones

Trusted Logic launched Trusted Foundations Standard, which is a low memory footprint version of their Trusted Foundations software. Trusted Foundations Standard is ideal for the mid-range mobile telephony and embedded systems markets. It enables third-party software developers to access advanced security resources. Consumers benefit from more reliable and trusted devices. Trusted Foundations is available now for Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian OS operating systems.

Trusted Foundations Standard enables state-of-the-art security features to higher-volume, mass-market devices. Consumer applications protecting personal data or enabling mobile payment can now rely on Trusted Foundations Standard security environment.

Trusted Foundations Standard’s memory footprint of 48KB gives silicon vendors the flexibility to embed it entirely in an on-chip RAM of 64KB, using the remaining 16KB memory for secure services and secure drivers (e.g. access to hardware-based cryptography or secure keyboard).

Trusted Foundations Standard also provides a comprehensive API for the development of security services on embedded systems, thanks to its Secure Services Development Interface. It also provides a full Trusted Execution Environment that supports the parallel execution of multiple services.

Trusted Foundations Standard is the ideal security environment for feature phones and other portable devices, as well as any embedded device in the automotive or industrial markets.

More info: Trusted Logic