MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC

The MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC provides Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enabled applications with seamless access to real-time data. The SNMP Agent links all available data from devices and applications that have OPC connectivity. MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC simplifies integrating diverse, non-SNMP enabled, data sources – such as process control systems or building automation systems – into Network Management Systems (NMS).

MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC Highlights

  • Gives SNMP-capable applications access to the OPC world
  • Connects to OPC DA Servers
  • Easy to use, wizard based configuration
  • Supports SNMP v1 and v2c

The MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC is ready out-of-the-box solution. It behaves as an OPC Client (master) when communicating with OPC Servers (slaves). This enables users the freedom to choose the control systems to read-from or write-to without worrying about how the data is converted from SNMP to the device specific protocol.

The OPC Agent is fully OPC Standards compliant and is fully interoperable with other vendors OPC software. The OPC Client can also be integrated in the construction of “Green Data Centers” to leverage advanced data flows.

The easy to use configuration utility makes short work of accessing OPC data points, setting conditional thresholds for acceptable performance monitoring. The utility automatically organizes the defined OPC configuration into an easily accessible SNMP hierarchy and instantly provides SNMP access to Network Management Systems. In addition, future configuration changes can be made without interference on the existing data transfer.

More info: MatrikonOPC