Stealth WPC-500F Rugged Waterproof Fanless PC

The Stealth WPC-500F is a waterproof rugged, small footprint, fanless computer for environments where ordinary computer hardware won’t survive. The machine is completely sealed on all six sides and can withstand the harshest of environments. The WPC-500F is ideal for demanding applications within the Industrial, Commercial, Scientific Research, Military, Marine, Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, Mining and Telecommunications markets. The WPC-500F will be able for delivery in early July 2009. Basic configurations of the waterproof PC start at $1995.00 USD.

Stealth WPC-500F Rugged Waterproof Fanless PCStealth’s WPC-500F is completely water-tight; surviving liquids, chemicals, dust, and dirt intrusion; and meeting IP67/NEMA 6 environmental specifications. The fanless PC is cooled through advanced heat pipe technology. The rugged aluminum chassis also acts as a heat sink to dissipate internal heat and provide noise free operation.

The Stealth WPC-500F measures only 7.51″(W) x 11.37″(D) x 2.97″(H) or (191 x 298 x 75.5 mm). It surpasses the performance of most industrial and embedded PCs available today. The system utilizes Intel’s latest Atom processor technology for maximum performance and power efficiency.

The WPC-500F features power, video, serial, and USB connections that are coupled through water-tight, locking bayonet style connectors typical of military designed hardware. The WPC-500F is built utilizing special high performance hard drives that can withstand extreme temperatures, high vibration, high humidity, and high altitudes. For applications that require even higher shock and vibration resistance, an optional SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) is available.

The durable water tight PC operates from a wide range of DC input power (10-30VDC). It is ideal for mobile/marine, field, and transportation based applications. The Stealth WPC-500F is compatible with Microsoft Vista, XP, and Linux. It can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of the OEM or end user. A special mounting bracket comes standard with each unit allowing for the PC to be easily mounted in control panels, walls, consoles, etc.

More info: Stealth.Com