IntervalZero RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP Real-Time Software

IntervalZero released the RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP deterministic, hard real-time software. With RTX 2009′s native SMP support on multiprocessor architectures, OEMs can take advantage of the Soft-Control Architecture to move the hard real-time control logic, such as PLC or motion logic, from specialized hardware components to software components. The software runs on multi-core, industrial-strength commodity x86 processors and uses both Open Standards and Standard Communications Architectures, such as USB and real-time Ethernet.

RTX 2009 includes support for real-time operations on one shared or dedicated RTX processor in a uniprocessor or multiprocessor environment. RTX 2009 SMP makes it possible to operate on one shared, or up to seven dedicated RTX processors in a multicore/multiprocessor environment. SMP support enables greater, more scalable system performance.

RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP New Features

  • Support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and 2 and Windows XP service pack 3; and support for Visual Studio 2008
  • Improved MSI-x support
  • Expanded support of RTX Dedicated Mode such that the real-time subsystem (RTSS) can run on multiple dedicated CPUs. Up to seven CPUs can be dedicated RTSS processors. This new functionality includes APIs that allow developers to take advantage of SMP and balance their applications needs with the processors available. Developers can assign processor affinities for processes, threads, interrupts and timers.
  • Updated RTX tools that support an SMP environment
  • Several new APIs for profiling across processors
  • Additional RTX Property APIs

Support of multiple real-time threads running concurrently on multiple processors in a single system enables end users to create more powerful solutions, while reducing hardware costs and physical footprint. With SMP, multiple cores can communicate directly with one another, eliminating the need for multiple single-board computers arranged in a bus communication design.

RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP are supported on Windows Vista, up through SP2; Windows XP, up through SP3; and Windows Embedded Standard 2009. RTX 2009 and RTX 2009 SMP also support Visual Studio 2008.

More info: IntervalZero