Microchip MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs

The Microchip MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs includes everything needed to develop and evaluate Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and intelligent sensor processing for embedded designs. The kit is based on the PIC24HJ128GP504 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) and offers a simple and easy-to-use tool for quickly developing HMIs in deeply embedded, low-cost applications. The kit (part number DM240021) is available now for $59.98.

Microchip MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs (DM240021)

MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs Features

  • PIC24FH128GP504 MCU with 128 KB Flash and 8 KB RAM
  • Tri-axial analog accelerometer
  • Visual display on OLED display using Microchip Graphics library
  • Integrated debugger/programmer
  • USB powered
  • 128×64 OLED display and onboard speaker
  • Low-cost speech playback via G.711 compression speech
  • Two switches for application utility
  • Separate analog conditioning circuitry to plug in wide range of sensors for sensor signal processing
  • CD contains MPLAB IDE with full editor, programmer and debugger; MPLAB C Compiler; code examples and user’s guide

For advanced HMIs, the kit includes an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) array display that is supported by the free Microchip Graphics Library, low-cost audio and speech playback capability for user prompts, and user-input capabilities.

For intelligent sensor processing development, the Starter Kit board has a tri-axial analog accelerometer interfaced to the PIC24H, along with example applications such as motion-sensitive gaming. The kit also provides sensor interface software.

The MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs enables developers to run the included accelerometer-based sample programs, and check out the interaction of the accelerometer and the switches with the MCU on the visual display, while listening to speech playback. Users can connect their own analog sensors for signal processing, and can download and test their own applications.

More info: Microchip Technology