BroadLogic TeraQAM BL85000 Ultra-Dense QAM Modulator Chip

The TeraQAM BL85000, from BroadLogic Network Technologies, is an ultra-dense quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) chip for systems that transport video, voice, and data signals. The TeraQAM BL85000 enables cable operators to respond efficiently and cost-effectively to the growing consumer demand for “any content, anytime” viewing by delivering more narrowcast and unicast services. The BL85000 is sampling to early access customers this month, and is scheduled for production quantities by the end of the year in 32- and 16-channel versions. The 16-channel version is priced at $500 for quantities of 1,000 units.

TeraQAM is a more cost- and power-effective solution than the QAM function traditionally implemented in a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). TeraQAM enables system designers to offload the QAM functionality from the FPGA, and then use a less expensive FPGA to implement the other system functionality, or integrate even more system functionality into the existing FPGA.

The TeraQAM solution cuts QAM-based system bill of materials (BOM) costs by up to 80%, power consumption by 85%, and delivers four times more QAM channels per port. The solution enables system equipment suppliers to meet the $100/QAM price watermark. It lets system equipment suppliers deliver solutions that significantly expand the content delivery capacity of cable networks in a cost-effective way. It is ideal for edge QAM, multi-tenant QAM and emerging fiber node QAM applications.

The TeraQAM BL85000 chip is compliant with standards ITU-T J.83 Annexes A, B, and C for global use. It also meets the DOCSIS DRFI specification in conjunction with currently available third-party digital-to-analog converters (DACs).

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