VDC Embedded Real-Time and Mobile Application OS Research

According to VDC Research Group’s research report on Embedded/Real-Time & Mobile Application OSs, the challenging economic climate has led to a more cautious embedded systems development approach. Previously, engineering staffs would have made more of the software purchasing decisions. Now the process has become more controlled and process-oriented. As a result of reduced engineering resources, tighter budgets, and sustained time-to-market pressures, OEMs are vigorously reevaluating their “build-versus-buy” cost analysis.

Embedded/Real-Time & Mobile Application OS's - VDC Research Group (VDC)

In light of these growing challenges facing their customers, software vendors are under increasing pressure to articulate and deliver highly differentiated product offerings — especially as industry consortia accelerate the maturation and value proposition of non-commercial, open source operating systems.

According to VDC Research, although the recession has and is expected to continue to negatively impact the market for embedded and real-time operating systems, certain vertical markets have been less affected in the short term while others hold the potential to rebound significantly in 2010.

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