SMSC LAN89218 TrueAuto Ethernet Controller

SMSC unveiled the LAN89218 TrueAuto single-chip 10/100 Ethernet controller. The LAN89218 is designed to meet the high reliability standards required by automotive applications (on-board diagnostics or fast software download interfaces for central gateway and telematics modules, navigation systems, radio head units and connectivity devices). The device delivers increased access speed for diagnostics and software downloads over traditionally slower speed interfaces typically used to interface to the vehicle today. Samples of the LAN89218 are available today.

LAN89218 Features

  • Power Management
  • Wake-on-LAN support allows network to wake-up electronics devices from sleep state
  • Multiple low-power modes
  • Built-in flow control support
  • Prevents receive memory from overflowing
  • Uses either 802.3 “PAUSE” packets or “back-pressure” (half-duplex links)
  • HP Auto-MDIX support
  • Automatically ensures viable connections between LAN devices
  • Simple 16/32 bit SRAM-like interface
  • Minimizes CPU overhead
  • Driver support for multiple processors and operating systems

The LAN89218 features a simple, parallel host bus interface to the typical automotive embedded microcontrollers used inside a car. Built into a device embedded in the car, the chip can function as a network branch to the outside world connecting the car to a personal computer, diagnostic tool, or a complex Ethernet network in the repair shop.

More info: SMSC